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  • blogpicme2

    Me, Elastigirl (aka Mrs. Incredible).....keeper of the blog....and one God fearing, Jesus loving, homeschooling, pop up camping, book reading, crunchy as granola, co-sleeping, chocolate eating, Disney addicted, picture taking, extended nursing, geocaching, kid raising, organic eating, digital scrapbook making, totally cool (hopefully) mama.

  • blogpicjonny2

    Mr. Incredible is the other side of me. We've been married since May of 2000. He's my football watching, bug killing, foot rubbing, Bible reading, number crunching, penny pinching, chick flick loving, wanna be handy, lemon pie loving hubby.

  • blogstitch

    Stitch is our 10-year-old future entrepreneur. Always coming up with a scheme to make money, she loves to learn, is always curious, great at math, quirky, addicted to Minecraft and My Little Pony, stubborn as anything, loves Jesus, is very creative, attends school here at home, and loves her some soccer. She's quite around others but talks our ears off here at home.

  • blogboo

    Boo is the royalty in our family. She's 7 years old and a princess through and through. She's easy going, is sweet as pie, loves to eat Nutella, totally rocks her purple glasses, attends school here at home along with big sister, loves all things fashionable, and thinks that Disney is the greatest place on Earth. She's probably the most shy kid of the bunch.

  • blogthumper

    Thumper is our 3rd little girl and is completely different from her big sisters. She's a 2 year old whirlwind of energy, and trouble is her middle name. She's been a ball of action since she came into this world. Mischievous, always on the go, and always willing to flash a smile, she's just as cute as can be. She's secured her place as the wild card in our family. Her favorite things in life include graham crackers, ice cream, stealing my iPad, Curious George, fancy dresses, and creating paths of destruction.

  • blogchase

    Pan is our cute-as-can-be pup. He became a part of our family at 8 weeks old in January of 2014. He is Thumper's partner in crime and he loves to chew shoes...or anything, really.

  • blogchandler

    Mater is our 18 year old nephew who's been living with us for the past two years. He enjoys video games, attending church, outdoor activities, and is patiently awaiting the zombie apocalypse. He recently graduated high school and is now working part time at Chick Fil A while awaiting to ship out with the US Navy. He's kind and helpful and makes a great addition to our crazy crew.

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July 14, 2014


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